Classic Oak Products

With our extensive range of traditional and innovative oak products, we can recommend and supply the appropriate oak to ensure your wines achieve the structure and complexity you desire.


Demptos Bordeaux

Demptos Bordeaux has combined traditional craftsmanship and modern research to become the barrel of choice.

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Demptos Hungary

Demptos Hungary hand crafted barrels uses oak of the finest quality and nearly two centuries of experience.

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Demptos Napa

Demptos Napa combines the best of French traditional cooperage techniques with modern production facilities.

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François Frères

Burgundy's leading supplier of barrels sought after by the world's most renowned winemakers.

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Brive Tonneliers

A contemporary barrel business remaining faithful to the Cooper’s traditional work, whilst retaining the fusion of art and production.

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François Foudrier

François Foudrier design and manufacture handcrafted oak vats and casks according to your choice.

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Quercus Adjuncts

Uncompromising standards require the best oak, and Quercus knows that this is true at every level.

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Barriclean utilises the latest technology, designed to increase the life of your barrels and vats economically and with environmental efficiency.

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Classic Oak is proud to sponsor the following shows and events:

  • Mudgee Wine Show
  • New England Wine Show
  • Heathcote Wine Show
  • Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association Wine Show
  • Victoria Wine Show
  • Yarra Valley Wine Show
  • Royal Hobart Wine Show
  • Barossa Wine Show
  • Clare Valley Regional Wine Show
  • Australian Women in Wine Awards
  • Victoria Pinot Workshop
  • The Smith Family Challenge (Hamish Black)