Fran├žois Foudrier

This is a modern facility producing hand crafted upright vats, round and oval casks.

Fran├žois Foudrier Products List

Francois Foudrier design and manufacture Oak Vats and Casks in all sizes, shapes and capacities, from 10-300 hectolitres and beyond.

By incorporating into our Oak products everything that todays stainless steel vats have to offer, such as Valves and Fittings, Doors, Traps and other Accessories, including integrated Wine-Making Systems, we are able to constantly break new ground, thereby making our products practical to use and perfectly adapted to modern wine methods.

For more information on Francois Foudrier Vats & Casks, click here http://classicoakproducts.com/foudrier/


1000 Round Enquire
1500 Round Enquire
2500 Round Enquire
3500 Round Enquire
4500 Round Enquire

1000 Oval Enquire
1500 Oval Enquire
2000 Oval Enquire
2500 Oval Enquire
3000 Oval Enquire
3500 Oval Enquire

1500 Upright Enquire
1800 Upright Enquire
2000 Litre Upright Enquire
2500 Upright Enquire
3500 Upright Enquire
4500 Upright Enquire