Environmental Sustainability

Classic Oak Products and the TFF Group are strengthening their contributions to the progressive reduction of their environmental impact through encouraging sustainability practices across all facets of operation; from forestry, to stavemill, cooperages, logistics and administration. Some practices are already in place while others are gradually being introduced over the coming years.

These contributions include activity in the following

  • Sustainably managed forests
  • Reduced water usage in forests (TFF Group recycles the water used for watering its oak from a reservoir, which is also fed with rainwater)
  • Reducing carbon footprint across all cooperages and administration
  • Where possible, replacing equipment with more energy-efficient devices
  • Recycle and reuse 75.11% of the byproducts of production
  • Investment into the innovation of new, more environmentally friendly product development
  • Recycling of used barrels into other products (both wood and metal)
  • Oak waste management (such as sawdust, chips, and pieces of wood) and reuse as energy source for wood boilers for heating and braziers for charring barrels
  • Working towards becoming more carbon neutral by gradually replacing light fixtures to more efficient lighting