François Frères


A hundred years of expertise and excellence in the world of cooperage, François Frères is Burgundy’s leading supplier of barrels sought after by the world’s most renowned winemakers.

Long-established in the heart of Burgundy, and with a highly regarded international reputation, through the experience of four generations, the François Frères cooperage team combines extensive experience with high-precision technical ability in the best tradition of artisan coopers. François Frères has consolidated the elements of sustainable forest management, log selection, stave milling and traditional coopering skills practised today by craftsmen seeking perfection.

The result; a tailor-made barrel using the finest oak that is consistently able to age and give life to exceptional wines and develop them to their potential which are sought after by the world’s most renowned winemakers. Our traditional toasts are Light (LT), Medium Light (MLT), Medium (MT), Medium Plus (M+) and Heavy (HT). Our more contemporary innovative toasts include Light Long (LX), Medium Long (MX) and Medium Light Long (MLX).

The François Frères Cooperage
A family business for over a century, François Frères is renowned for casks and barrels of the highest quality. Every year they help produce the world’s most prestigious wines, not only in France but in every other wine-growing region. The quality of François Frères barrels is the result of meticulous selection, craftsmanship and control.

The trees used to craft these barrels are picked from specific plantations known to produce the best wood; the stave mill further trims down the wood using only the finest parts of the oak to craft the staves used to cooper the prestigious range of barrels, casks, vats, and rounds. The unique microclimate at the crafting site benefits the air-drying process, seasoning the wood to enhance its quality to the highest degree.

The weather and seasonal changes create the perfect climate for our oak; rain, wind and sun one after the other, facilitating optimal growth in our forests and assist the air-drying process and establishing a range of grains within the wood that brings versatility and quality to our products.

Technical Data


› Saint-Romain, Burgundy, France.
› 47°00’27.9″N
› 4°42’45.8”E
› Staves are seasoned on site, at the cooperage.


› Rainfall: average 173 rainy days per year
  Monthly precipitation:
› 80-100mm per month, Oct-March (Winter)
› 50-70mm per month, April-August (Summer)


› Average minimum temperature: 8.0° celcius
› Average maximum temperature: 17.0° celcius


› 225l Bordeaux, 6 hoops, 27mm staves, 49kg
› 228l Burgundy, 8 hoops, 27mm staves, 50kg
› 300l Hogshead, 8 hoops, 27mm staves, 61kg
› 500l Puncheon, 8 hoops, 27mm staves, 78kg


› Two year minimum open air seasoning at the Cooperage.
  A 100% natural approach in the fresh air requires no intervention (such as water sprinkling).
› By dehydrating naturally, the wood fibres tighten and become more water-proof.
  As the water leaches out, the wood is cleansed of all the elements capable of making
  the wine taste bitter and it develops complex aromatic precursors.


› Exclusively fire bent staves


› Medium Open
› Medium
› Medium Tight
› Tight
› Very Tight
› Hand Select


› Light
› Medium
› Medium Plus
› Heavy
› Light Long (LX)
› Medium Light-Long (MLX)
› Medium Long (MX)
› Toasted Heads available.

Product List

225 litre Bordeaux Export
228 litre Burgundy Export
300 litre Hogshead
350 litre
500 litre Puncheon

225 litre Bordeaux Export
228 litre Burgundy Export
300 litre Hogshead Export
350 litre
500 litre Puncheon Export

225 litre Bordeaux Export
228 litre Burgundy Export

225 litre
228 litre
300l Hogshead

225 litre
228 litre
300l Hogshead

Customer References

Some recent François Frères customer references


Domaine Pierre Yves Colin-Morey
Domaine Jean Marc Pillot
Domaine Bruno Colin
Domaine Paul Pillot
Domaine Ramonet
Domaine Marc Colin
Domaine Hubert Lamy
Domaine d’Auvenay (Leroy)
Domaine Etienne Sauzet
Domaine Carillon
Domaine Leflaive
Domaine Henri Boillot
Domaine Coche Dury
Domaine Pierre Morey
Domaine Bonneau du Martray
Domaine De La Pousse D’or
Domaine de Montille
Domaine de Courcel
Maison Bouchard Père & Fils
Maison Chanson
Maison Joseph Drouhin
Maison Bichot
Maison Camille Giroud
Domaine Nicolas Rossignol
Domaine Tollot Beaut


Domaine De La Romanée Conti
Domaine Leroy
Domaine Méo Camuzet
Domaine du Comte Liger Belair (Château de Vosne Romanée)
Domaine Lamarche
Domaine Confuron Cotetidot
Domaine Anne Gros
Domaine Mugneret Gibourg
Domaine de la Vougeraie
Domaine Lecheneault
Maison Faiveley
Domaine Prieure Roch
Domaine Georges Roumier
Domaine Comte de Voguë
Domaine Jacques Frédéric Mugnier (Château de Chambolle)
Domaine du Clos des Lambrays (LVMH)
Clos de Tart
Domaine Armand Rousseau
Domaine Bernard Dugat Py
Domaine Denis Mortet
Domaine Claude Dugat
Domaine Damoy


Domaine Cos d’Estournel
Château Latour
Château Pédeclaux
Château Lilian Ladouys
Château Maucailloux
Château Lynch Bage
Château Talbot
Château Pontac Lynch
Château Suduiraut
Château Lafaurie Peyraguet


Maison Delas
Cave de Tain l’Hermitage
Domaine Emmanuel Darnaud
Domaine Maxime et Alain Graillot
Maison Jaboulet
Château La Nerthe
Château Mont Redon
Domaine Beaurenard
Vignobles Jérôme Quiot