Classic Oak Products and the TFF Group

As part of the TFF Group, Classic Oak Products has a unique position in the Australian and New Zealand wine industries – supplying barrels made in some of the most prestigious cooperages, in the world’s great wine regions. As well, we supply large format casks and vats and have an extensive range of oak adjunct products.

Supply Chain

A key to our consistency is control of our supply chain through:

  • Our own forestry team selecting the quality of trees we require
  • Stave production in our own mills
  • Seasoning and coopering of French oak in Bordeaux, Brive, and Burgundy, American oak in the Napa Valley and Hungarian oak in Szigetvár, Hungary.
  • Our own oak bracing facility
  • Distribution from our cooperages to your winery.


  • Support of the entire TFF group and accompanying knowledge base.
  • Strength of oak supply.
  • Extensive range of traditional and innovative oak products to supply.
  • Products are made to the specific needs of the customer, whether it be sizing or meeting existing winery infrastructure with full range of accessories to achieve this.
  • Strong range of options: traditional fire bending, water bent staves, steam bent staves, large format casks, and fermenters.
  • Constant investment in new technology and equipment.
  • Able to work closely with winemaking teams to drive continuous improvement and evaluation.
  • Strong base of supply recognised as a trusted supplier in each home market of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Brive, Hungary, and the USA.
  • Stock warehouse in Australia for prompt delivery.
  • Proven risk management processes.

Quality Assurance:

  • Vertical integration: The TFF Group prides itself on being in control of all the process from the forest to their customers.
  • Every product is fully traceable and each one has a plaque with its ID.
  • Hand crafted barrels uses oak of the finest quality with modern research and modern production facilities.