Taking oak to
the next level.

Taking oak to
the next level.

With our extensive range of traditional and innovative oak
products, we can recommend and supply the appropriate
oak to ensure your wines achieve the structure and
complexity you desire.


Classic Oak Products offers a prestigious selection of quality French, Hungarian and American oak barrels for sale through our complete range of François Frères, Demptos and Brive barrels, Foudrier casks and vats, Quercus oak adjuncts and oak alternatives. For almost two centuries we’ve been crafting barrels, assisting some of history’s most lauded and favourite wine brands, while spearheading new product developments in Barriclean barrel cleaning and sterilisation. Classic Oak Products is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of oak wine barrels, large format oak casks and vats, and oak adjuncts and alternatives.

Classic Oak Barrels Australia – Latest News

Quercus Chardonnay Staves

Discover your Chardonnay Blend with Quercus

Quercus Chardonnay Staves provide elegance, structure and nuanced Oak flavours. Discover our selection of Quercus oak adjuncts.
Classic Oak Products hold oak barrels in stock in Australia

Classic Oak’s Stock Barrels

Classic Oak Products have ample supply of barrels, large-format casks and vats, and oak adjucts in Australia for convenient shipping.

Join Us In A Fond Farewell To Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews, a valued member of the Classic Oak team, has made the decision leave Classic Oak and embrace his passion for winemaking.

We’re Local – Oak Barrel Specialists

Let our dedicated and experienced team discuss with you the options for your fruit and winemaking aspirations. Oak expertise and supply across all major Australian winemaking regions. Tap on the map below to view your local Classic Oak Products team member’s contact details.