Classic Oak Vintage 2024 Price List

We are pleased to announce that our oak barrel pricing for Vintage 2024 has been sent out.
Classic Oak Products supplies Demptos Bordeaux barrels to Australia and New Zealand

Demptos Bordeaux: Combining Innovation and Luxury

Demptos Bordeaux combines the innovation of our Bordeaux R&D Centre with the tradition of age-old craftsmanship.
foudrerie Francois oak vats and casks

Large Format Oak from Joseph François Foudrier

Classic Oak Products supply François Foudrier oak casks and vats in Australia.
Classic Oak Products supply Demptos Napa American Oak to Australia and New Zealand

Demptos Napa American Oak

Demptos Napa oak barrels take their luxurious character from hand-selected North American quercus alba oaks.
Easter eggs in oak barrels at Classic Oak Products

Happy Easter from the team at Classic Oak Products

Whether you are enjoying time with family and friends, or well underway in Vintage, we wish you a very happy Easter.

Jérôme François Awarded

Jérôme François, the CEO of TFF Group, has received the rank of Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honour in France.
Quercus Chardonnay Staves

Discover your Chardonnay Blend with Quercus

Quercus Chardonnay Staves provide elegance, structure and nuanced Oak flavours. Discover our selection of Quercus oak adjuncts.
Classic Oak Products hold oak barrels in stock in Australia

Classic Oak’s Stock Barrels

Classic Oak Products have ample supply of barrels, large-format casks and vats, and oak adjucts in Australia for convenient shipping.

Join Us In A Fond Farewell To Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews, a valued member of the Classic Oak team, has made the decision leave Classic Oak and embrace his passion for winemaking.

Delivering Presents to Disadvantaged Children this Christmas with The Smith Family

Joining a troupe of volunteers, Hamish Black assisted The Smith Family deliver toys and books by the sleighload, helping to make Christmas a little brighter for some disadvantaged children.

Oak Come All Ye Faithful This Christmas

Classic Oak Products will be closed over the Christmas holidays from Friday 23rd December 2022 until Monday 9th January 2023.

New Team Member Announcement – Simon Joy

We’re excited to announce Simon Joy as the new Sales Manager for South Australia.
Tank Staves alternative to oak barrels to be used in stainless steel tanks

Why are Oak Alternatives Useful in Winemaking?

Classic Oak Products has immediate access to a range of premium oak alternatives including staves, chips, bullets, and flow sticks.

Price lists for Tonnellerie Berger & Fils oak barrels

Since vintage 2016, Classic Oak Products has been supplying the prestigious and masterfully made Tonnellerie Berger & Fils into Australian wineries

New Pricing For The 2023 Vintage – Classic Oak Products

Classic Oak Products wine barrel pricing for Vintage 2022 has now been finalised. Request your price list today.

Raising $16,000 With Your Support for The Smith Family Challenge 2022

The Smith Family Challenge is an exhilarating 100km off-road adventure held over two days. With your help, Classic Oak Products raised $16,000.
Oak barrels for sale, stock across a range of premium brands

Quality Oak Wine Barrels For Sale, Why Classic Oak?

Enjoy the convenience of locally-held, quality stock barrels ready to go this Vintage. Classic Oak has a full range of premium oak barrels across our range.
Foudrerie François - How to Maintain an Oak Cask

Maintaining an Oak Cask

Ongoing maintenance of oak casks, vats, and rounds is important to ensure they last, and continue to impart flavour to your wines.
Difference between French Oak and Hungarian Oak

Hungarian Oak and the Trust Cooperage

Hungarian oak isn't fundamentally different from French oak. Some differences do arise, however, in the flavours they impart to a wine.
Classic Oak Products Warehouse Storage and Logistics

Locally-held, quality stock oak barrels this Vintage.

Sourced globally, stored locally; our portfolio of stock oak products gives you the immediate solution you need this Vintage.